Headache and Neck Pain Relief

• Natural Headache Relief including Migraine and Neck Pain Relief.
• Relaxes Muscle Tension Naturally using Occipital Lift Technique.
• Reduce Your Dependency on Medication.
• Simple to Use, Safe, Proven Effective and Portable
• Warm in the microwave or Cool in the freezer to enhance its therapeutic effect.
• Manage Pain in 10 to 15 Minutes.
• Use at Home or while Traveling.
• Treats not just the Symptoms but the Cause as well.
• Made from the highest quality nontoxic, non-allergenic, specialized foam.
• The Headache Hammock is simple - lay back, relax, feel better!


Headache Hammock

Headache Hammock
The Headache Hammock is an orthopedic traction headrest and a natural remedy for most headaches, including certain types of migraines, as well as upper neck pain and muscle tension. It is patterned after a widely used therapy technique, the occipital lift. Practiced by doctors and therapists for decades, this maneuver has been used clinically to release muscular tension held in the upper cervical region. Research has shown this muscular tension may be a leading cause of headaches, including migraines as well as neck pain. The Headache Hammock's design mimics this therapy as well as allows users to massage muscular pressure points in the upper neck, enabling headache and neck pain sufferers to regularly and effectively treat their pain at home or while traveling. Our specialized hi-density foam also allows the Headache Hammock to be warmed or cooled to enhance its therapeutic effect.