Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions customers have had concerning the use of the Headache Hammock.
Q: Can you sleep on the Headache Hammock?
A: No, it is a therapy device and should only be used for 10-20 minutes at a time.
Q: The Headache Hammock is not high enough to reach the areas on my neck?
A: The easiest solution is to fold up a hand or bath towel and place it underneath the Headache Hammock to raise it up to your liking.
Q: How long do I safely heat the Headache Hammock in the microwave?
A: Two 30 seconds intervals in the microwave is the best heating option. Please feel the device after the first 30 second interval to make sure it is already hot enough as some microwaves are more powerful and only one 30 second interval is needed.
Q: Are there other ways to heat the Headache Hammock?
A: Yes, you can wrap the Headache Hammock in a plug in heating pad and the device will take on the heat in approximately 10-15 minutes.
Q: Can I heat the Headache Hammock in a traditional conventional oven?
A: No, a conventional oven could damage the device.
Q: Can it hurt the first few times I have used the Headache Hammock?
A: Please be aware that you may experience discomfort or pain until muscle tension relaxes when you first start using the Headache Hammock.
Q: How long will it take to get results using the Headache Hammock?
A: Everyone is different. Some people get results after the first couple of uses. However, in most cases multiple sessions and continual daily use may be required to obtain desired results. Each session will build on the next one to help reduce muscular tension and decrease pain.
If you have further questions concerning the device, please read our instructions thoroughly as most questions will be answered by reading the instructions or contact us through the contact us page on this site.