I tried the Headache Hammock several times, what a relief I had from the headache and neck muscle spasm, truly it is amazing!

Dr. Hanna
I have suffered from neck pain/headaches for years- the Headache Hammock is the first thing I have found that has relieved them! The headaches are far less frequent and less severe and I rarely have to take medication for them. A HUGE improvement from what they were like before I started using the Headache Hammock. I highly recommend this natural solution to neck and headache pain.

Pat R.N.

My wife was in Idaho visiting her parents in August for a few weeks, took her dad to the doctors, and found this weird looking device for headaches. I get headaches a lot, and an occasional migraine. They hurt. My wife brought this home, and I’ll have to admit it gave me relief! A good buy and a good find. Thank-you!

Kevin C.

This has truly been a dream come true for me. I have suffered from severe neck pain and headaches for most of my adult life and the first time I used the Hammock I fell in love. It is amazing to me that something like this could improve the quality of my life so much. Thank you, thank you, a million times!

Laurie S.

I have had neck pain and spasms for years, and my hubby has had horrible headaches. My neck is getting better and better every day that I use the Headache Hammock! My hubby woke up with a bad headache today, laid on the hammock for 10 minutes and his headache was gone! This is so amazing and a true life saver!

Julie F.

I have had years of difficulty with neck tension that has caused headaches and inflammation in the muscles around the neck. I use the Headache Hammock every day for just 5 minutes and I have not had a headache in a month since I received the product! I used to get a couple headaches a week. As an added benefit, I have noticed a significant reduction in muscle inflammation. I have suffered from scoliosis all my life, and this has caused the difficulties with my neck vertebrae getting out of alignment and thus the inflammation. My range of motion has improved drastically since I started using the product!! Great product!!!

Jeff S.

I constantly suffer from tension migraines and the only sure-fire way I’ve found to get rid of them is to go to the chiropractor. My migraines usually start at the base of my skull, and any time I have tension or pain in my neck, a migraine is soon to follow. I became a user of the Headache Hammock last month, and haven’t had a migraine yet. I even had a pleasant surprise when my neck tensed on me so much one day I could hardly move it, I laid on the Headache Hammock and applied pressure to the area every day. Not only did my neck become mobile again, but the Headache Hammock made sure I didn’t get a migraine until I could get in to see the chiropractor the following week.

Kelly K.

If you suffer from migraines– the Headache Hammock is a MUST BUY!! When I begin to feel tension build in my upper neck, I immediately lay on my comfortable Headache Hammock and within minutes, I know that a debilitating headache has just been prevented. Thanks for improving my quality of life!
Jennifer P.
I’m so excited about the hammock. I have fibromyalgia and have constant headaches and neck pain and from the short time I’ve been using this, I’m convinced it will improve my quality of life! Thank you Will for caring!
Jodi K.
I have been battling headaches for years, and with no success. I have tried everything; painkillers, prescription drugs, adjustments, massages…etc. Fortunately, I was lucky to discover the Headache Hammock. Whenever I feel a headache coming on I will use it for about 15 min and it works like a charm, no more headaches! It relieves the pressure from my neck and is very relaxing. Absolutely love it!
Lisa A.
My husband and I took a trip to Yuma, AZ and I took my Headache Hammock with us. I was so happy that I did! I had a headache and nothing I took helped so I laid down with the hammock and actually feel asleep on it. When I woke up my headache was gone! I felt so good! I will never leave home with out it!! My husband really likes the Headache Hammock too!
Debbie W.
I have a very busy schedule with four children and get stress headaches often. The headache hammock has been very relaxing for me. It gently stretches the muscles in the neck and works great. HEADACHE FREE!!
Melissa G.
I have tried everything to relieve my headaches and neck pain, non-manipulation adjustments, a million adjustments, acupuncture, traction you name it I probably have tried it. For years I have had problems. I have only been using the Headache Hammock for less than a week and have had the best pain relief to date. I love this thing!!!!
Kaela S.
I have been using this device extraordinaire for my headaches for several weeks and it’s just what I need to relax the muscles at the back of my head and then I feel this wonderful rush of, I suspect, blood going back into my brain! I love it and the biggest problem I have is getting it back from people I let borrow it!
Denise M.